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Workin Overtime


This guy knows what we are talking about.

I have been waiting to post until all the 7:00 start games ended… WHICH TOOK FOREVER DUE TO 3 OVERTIME GAMES.

There were a few simple ones since the last time I posted… Michigan and Michigan State both cruised. Big. Easy wins.

Florida also advanced after Albany had them worried for 30 minutes or so.

Then came the chaos…

First it was UConn coming back against St. Joes. The Hawks led most the game, but like so many underdogs do, they ran out of gas late.

Next it was St. Louis who managed to prolong the final three minutes of the game into nearly an hour of real people time. In the process, they closed a 12 point gap and forced overtime. After building the lead in overtime, they hung on late to escape North Carolina State’s upset bid. NC State will be practicing free throws this offseason.

Lastly came our third big upset of the day: North Dakota State knocked off Oklahoma. All that really does is open up Arizona’s path the final four even more…

Now on to the late games!!!

Miss the Day Games? No Problem, We Got Ya

12th seeded Harvard captured the tournament’s biggest upset.


Here is a recap of what you might have missed so far in the Tournament:

– Upsets are off and running. Both Dayton (a #11 seed) and Harvard (a #12 seed) found ways to get it done. As always, the top seed has to underachieve for that to happen. Since those top seeds were Ohio State and Cincinnati, we’ll just call it an Ohio thing…

– Oregon vs Wisconsin might be an awesome game next round… They won their openers by a combined 59 points.

– Pittsburgh technically upset Colorado, but really the Buffaloes have not been the same since losing Spencer Dinwiddie to a torn ACL a couple months back. So no major shock.

– Syracuse rolled no problem.

– Currently Florida and MSU are up about 10 in their respective games.

Nice Way to Start!

The next best thing to a Michigan victory is an Ohio State loss . . . 


We Have A Winner!

No, not in the tournament silly.
They haven’t even finished a game.

The winner I am speaking about is Amazon Promise – the winner of this year’s’s charity donation.
Since we got 463 brackets* (an new record) the donation will be at least $115.75

Welcome to those who are new to the pool; welcome back to those who are not.
I will be back to you with more details later, such as how to pay and all that.

But for now, sit back and enjoy the madness.
May you finish in 2nd place, behind me 🙂

* I had a couple people contact who got a receipt of their picks but they didn’t show up on the website. Sometimes I miss them, but that wasn’t what happened in these two cases. I never got them. Don’t know if it’s a software thing or a gmail thing . . . gotta be a software thing – Google’s infallible! So please make sure all the brackets you entered are listed; if not, send me a copy of the email you got and I will get it on there.


Rock & (Finger) Roll


Conference Breakdown

These numbers only include the final 64 teams in the field

Obama is buying into the MSU hype — A Spartan championship would certainly give the Big Ten the most wins of any league.

ACC Teams in Field: 6 (Seeds: 1, 3, 3, 6, 9, 12)
ACC Projected Wins: 9
Notes: Nine seems about right to me.

American Teams in Field: 4 (Seeds: 4, 5, 7, 8)
American Projected Wins: 5
Notes: Louisville might break that win total on their own.

Big East Teams in Field: 3 (Seeds: 2, 3, 11)
Big East Projected Wins: 5
Notes: Don’t forget, the Big East imploded, so they have Nova left… and added Creighton?

Big 12 Teams in Field: 6 (Seeds: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9)
Big 12 Projected Wins: 8
Notes: I would be shocked if the Big 12 exceeds this number… I expect them to struggle.

Big Ten Teams in Field: 5 (Seeds: 2, 2, 4, 6, 11)
Big Ten Projected Wins: 9
Notes: One of the top 3 teams should make the final four.

SEC Teams in Field: 3 (Seeds: 1, 8, 11)
SEC Projected Wins: 7
Notes: As the top seed, Florida is projected to win 6… Soooo, SEC will be below this number.

PAC 12 Teams in Field: 6 (Seeds: 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, 10)
PAC 12 Projected Wins: 9
Notes: I think one of the 7+ seeds will find the Sweet 16.

The Rest of the Teams: 31 (Seeds: 1, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7, 8 and a whole bunch of underdogs!)
Rest of the Field Projected Wins: 11
Notes: I think the mid-majors will find a double digit win total, but doubt we’ll have any in the elite eight or beyond this year.

You Should Never, Never Doubt What Nobody Is Sure About


Quick Thoughts On the Bracket

A few quick points to think about for your 2014 bracket:

These guys are really wondering, how much Guinness has Nick drank recently?

These guys just want to know – how much Guinness has Nick had recently?

1) Rock Chalk!
Last year was a bracket of chaos — That does not happen two years in a row. Keep it relatively tame in 2014.

2) Cardinal Screw Job
Louisville getting a 4 seed is the worst rating I have ever seen. The defending national champs were ranked third in the preseason, fifth in the latest AP poll and won its conference championship in dominant fashion. It ranks in the top 4 of the Pomeroy ratings, Saragin Ratings, Moore Ratings, Joel Sokol ratings and ESPN’s BPI. How in the world can they only be a 4 seed? Sorry Wichita State, perfection does not come easy…

3) Look West
Despite Florida being the nation’s best team, Arizona has the easiest path for a #1 seed to make the Final Four. The Cats are not forced to leave the West Coast and their other top seeds are very mediocre (SDSU/Creighton/Wisconsin).

4) Experts?
Of the “Main Experts” on ESPN/CBS/Sports Illustrated, none has averaged better than 65% correct selections over the past two tournaments. The overall average is about 62%… A chalk bracket is at 63% in that time. Don’t waste your time listening to these guys.

5) The Big Ten is the New Big East
For several years, people participating in this bracket competition know I complained a lot about the overrated Big East. Well, the tables have turned as the Big Ten is the new over-hyped conference.  Pick with caution.

6) Nick Mares
This has nothing to do with your bracket, but Facebook misses the Nick Mares pictures of Guinness… Am I right???


Good luck to everyone and be sure to get your brackets in by noon Thursday!

Was MH370 Lost In The Izzone ?


Revenge Of The Nerd



Remember the statistician Nate Silver who nailed the 2012 Presidential election, right down to the last electoral vote?  Well he’s examined this year’s brackets, crunched the numbers and came up with a forecast.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take his forecast and enter them in a bracket? What I great idea! Wish I would of thought of it.

Wait, I did think of it : joe.mares.538.  

Sorry. I wouldn’t mind winning this thing either. 

Feel free to use it for the Warren Buffett Billion Dollar Pool however.