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Pool Entry

OK – before you actually enter the pool, there are few things to go over.

First, after you fill out your brackets and push “Enter”, I will get an email with your picks. I have to manually process these picks before they show up on the site. So if they don’t show up on the site immediately, don’t freak out. They will. If you want a copy of your picks e.mailed please check the box on the entry form.

Secondly, if you are going to enter multiple brackets – and I highly recommend that you do- they’re like Lay’s chips, you can’t win with just one! – that you use different names for each set of picks – i.e – “joe.mares.1“, “joe.mares.2“, etc. (it’s a gmail thang)

$0.25 of each bracket entered will be donated to charity.
New for 2015 – all brackets that are paid for after the championship game has been played will cost $6, with the extra $1 going to this years charity.

Lastly, don’t forget to pay. And there is no need to wait until the championship game either. Once your done filling out all your brackets, please send in your payment – cash, check or PayPal.

Enjoy the tourney – click the smiley basketball to enter the pool

Smiley Basketball