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It's A Shame



. . . that the greatest conference in the history of mankind – the Big East – couldn’t get a team into the championship.

And to think that the overated Big Ten champion took out two of their #1 seeds

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  • Matt Pietrangelo

    I just wanted to put this quote I made out there for Nick –

    “Matt Pietrangelo
    March 19th, 2009 at 7:38 pm
    The most annoying part is when the tournament is done this year and the Big East goes something like 16-7, people will be talking about how strong they were. Digger Phelps may even dress up as a leprechaun and do some sort of gay little dance (90% probability of that).

    but if you factor their seeds…
    1 seed should win a minimum of 4
    3 seed should win a minimum of 2
    6 seed should win a minimum of 1

    4+4+4+2+2+1+1 = 18 wins. Sorry, 16 is an underachievement.”

    Turns out I was wrong – the Big East finished the tournament with a record of 17-7. Damn, I was off by one, but they still underachieved.

    Big Ten on the otherhand who should have had a total of 6 wins is at 9-6. They have already overachieved by 3 games, with a chance to make it 4.

    Can’t wait for my dinner though!!

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