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Papa Was A Rollin' Stone ?

thetemptationsIzzo leaving Michigan State ?
Inside sources at the Michigan State pep rally last night think so:
Rich Mares: I got to touch the hand of Lucas.
joe.mares: Kewl (y)
Rich Mares: And Izzo might be leaving…based on his speech.
joe.mares: Mistake on his part
Rich Mares: Probably. We will see. His speech was very cryptic.
joe.mares: I find it hard that he’d show his hand b4 the tournament’s over
Rich Mares: Yeah. It was just the speech was very cryptic. Talking about the things he accomplished here and how he is really glad for the things he has accomplished but with a note of “I might go” in his voice.
Rich Mares: It sounded like a goodbye.
joe.mares: Well if he goes to arizona you can stop speaking to your grandparents
Rich Mares: No. Arizona would not be as bad as Kentucky.
joe.mares: True
Ah, the temptations . . . 

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2 comments to Papa Was A Rollin' Stone ?

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    My inside sources tell me that Hollis will not Izzo leave no matter what it takes.

    Plus, the way Izzo said his speech was he will not leave MSU until he won another championship…he’s been saying that for a few years, he wants to leave the program “elite” and feels a 3rd national championship would be how to do that. So if he does leave this year, it means we won it all!!

  • otisredn

    He’d be a fool to leave . . . he can walk on the Red Cedar . . . he’s a god on campus

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