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Michigan State 64, Louisville 52

big-10-conferenceBig East’s best vs. Big Ten’s bestbigeast

At least it was a close game, Nick

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10 comments to Michigan State 64, Louisville 52

  • Nick

    I don’t here the fat lady singing. Who said the Louisville is the best team in the big east.

  • admin

    The NCAA did, by making them the #1 overall seed . . .

  • Nick

    I think you will see that the NCAA is wrong more than they are right.

  • admin

    Oh, weren’t you the one crowing about them having 3 #1 seeds?

    Can’t have it both ways now, Nick!

  • Danny

    The only mistake the NCAA made was not giving MSU a number one seed. We showed the overall number one seed. Bring on the rest of the Big Easy. GO GREEN!!!

  • Nick

    What does having 3 number 1 seeds have anything to do with it. All I said is the Big east is the best BB league. Doesnt matter the seeding. They still have a good chance of winning it all. (The Big East)

  • otisredn

    And I quote “Matt…. 3 number 1?s…. I thought by now you would have learned that the Big 10 is overated.”

    I left the poor punctuation and misspelling in for effect.

    So you tell me, what does 3 number 1″s, opps . . . 3 number 1’s have to do with it ?

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    Nick, it wasn’t even the NCAA that claimed these guys were the best in the Big East. It was the fact they finished in first place in the league during the regular season, then won the conference tournament. Usually someone that does that is considered the best in their conference.

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    Just tell me you aren’t bummed when the Big East ends up not having a team in the finals.

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    MSU is now 8-2 against Big East teams in the NCAA tournament (3-0 in the past 3 years). They are also 9-0 in the NCAA tournament as a #2 seed. UConn was also 0-2 against the Big East’s closest version of MSU (Pitt).

    Yet Digger has already penciled in UConn. I have a tough time believing Digger doesn’t still wake up to nightmares of Magic to Kelser lobs over Lambeer and his other 3 NBA players…he’s a bitter, bitter old man that won’t let an elite eight blowout loss from 30 years ago go.

    Someday Notre Dame might matter in basketball. Right now, Digger is the only one that believes they do.

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