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Badgers Bagged

xaaXavier 60, Wisonsin 49

Xavier leaving Atlantic 10 to join the Big East

Wisconsin confirms Big Ten membership

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14 comments to Badgers Bagged

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    They are already at 16…why not get to 20 teams? Or better yet, how about 24?

  • Nick T

    Quit your belly aching. The big east is the strongest conference.

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    It’s a good thing you don’t let facts get in the way of your arguement…

    Lets look at the teams outside the top 100 in RPI in each conference. (Wins vs Top 100 follows their records)

    Big East
    RPI# 101. Seton Hall 16-15 (4 Wins)
    RPI# 150. St Johns 16-17 (3 Wins)
    RPI# 190. South Florida 9-22 (3 Wins)
    RPI# 195. Rutgers 11-21 (0 Wins)
    RPI# 206. DePaul 9-24 (1 Win)

    Big Ten
    RPI# 121. Iowa 15-17 (6 Wins)
    RPI# 216. Indiana 5-25 (0 Wins)

    What does this tell you? It tells you that there are plenty of nights off in the Big East. In the Big Ten you had 1, maybe 1.5 teams on your schedule that was a gimme…so at most 3 games out of 18. In the Big East you have at least 5, probably 6 or 7 free wins. Sure you’d have UConn, but it’s easy to prepare when you play nobody earlier in the week.

    That’s 5 teams in the mighty Big East that couldn’t even sniff Northwestern’s jock strap.

  • admin

    Matt, very disappointed in you . . . I would have thought you knew by now facts never get in uncle Nick’s way . . .

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    Haha, I know facts don’t ever get in the way for him…that’s why I started my other post with that statement.

    The other key note is if he begins to lose the arguement, he changes topics or throws out insults.

  • Nick T

    Facts… how many big east teams are left – how many big 10?

  • admin

    Greatest Conference Poll results
    Big Ten – 9 votes
    Big East – 0 votes


  • Matt Pietrangelo

    Facts – what % of the conferences even made the NCAA tournament

    Big Ten – 7/11 (64%)
    Big East – 7/16 (44%)

    When will the day come that the Big East will get in 64% of their conference??? I’d settle for 63%, which would be 10 teams…not gonna happen. Shoot the Big Ten was closer to getting in 8 teams in the NCAA tourney then the Big East was. Yeah, the PSU team that is in the Final Eight of the NIT. I did see might Georgetown lost in the first round of it though…

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    Other facts –

    Top Seeds have cake walks up until the Sweet 16…lets see the Big East play real teams (UCLA was the Big Easts best win so far in the tourney…Didn’t U of M beat them? Just checking…)

    Big East (Average Seed Played = 10.7)

    Louisville played Morehead St and Siena (12.5)
    Pittsburgh played ETSU and Oklahoma St (12)
    UConn played Chattanooga and Texas A&M (12.5)
    Villanova played American and UCLA (10)
    Syracuse played Stephen F Austin and ASU (10)
    West Virginia played Dayton (11)
    Marquette played Utah State and Missouri (7)

    Big Ten (Average Seed Played = 7.9)

    Michigan State played Robert Morris and USC (12.5)
    Purdue played Northern Iowa and Washington (8)
    Michigan played Clemson and Oklahoma (4.5)
    Wisconsin played Florida State and Xavier (4.5)
    Ohio State played Siena (9)
    Minnesota played Texas (7)
    Illinois played Western Kentucky (12)

    Man, that Washington team that Purdue beat was better than anyone on the Big East “played” list. Oklahoma is certainly better than anyone on that list and FSU and Xavier would give Missouri all they wanted. Shoot, even Texas only lost to Mizzou by 4…and that’s the 5th best team the Big Ten played. Shocking the Big Ten would have more teams out when they played teams better than average in the tournament and the Big East played…well, 11 seeds.

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    Like I said, we’ll let a little more of the fat get trimmed this weekend and see where we stand. We will likely end up with 2 Big East/Big Ten matchups with Purdue vs UConn being for sure and MSU/Louisville being the “favored” matchup, although there are a few road blocks in the way of that. Those should tell us a lot. I think UConn will get all they wanted and then some from Purdue, but we will see.

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    Not a bad night for the Big East tonight. If Pitt had a real opponent tonight, they would have been done. That said, 3-0 in the sweet 16 is 3-0 in the sweet 16.

  • Nick T

    Just the beginning…. as I see that MSU is down by 10….

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    Yeah, 10 points is nothing in basketball…do you watch these games or just make outrageous claims 5 minutes in?

    Lucas’ balls are larger than a watermelon. Clutch is clutch and I’m not sure Louisville will be able to deny the Spartans from heading to the D either.

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    I’m curious to see if UConn can handle the Mizzou pressure tomorrow. That’ll definately be a game where whoever can dictate tempo will win it. UConn did handle the Louisville press back in the first week in February, but that appears to be their only consistant pressing opponent they faced all year.

    I onl say that because I feel like UConn is the Big East’s best chance to win this tournament.

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