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Payment Meter

vincent_pastoreBig Pussy sez:

Time to pay up, capice ?

(Editor’s note : You need to be
careful when you Google “Big Pussy“)

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10 comments to Payment Meter

  • admin

    good eye . . . that because i didn’t post the payments until i got home last night.
    so when the computer at the office updates the site at the top of the hour, it will show you as un paid.
    when my laptop does it at the bottom of the hour it will show you as paid.

    that’ll happen all weekend until i get to the office and update it as well

    On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 2:56 PM, Matthew Pietrangelo wrote:
    Have you updated your site with payments? It claims I’m a No still, but I paid a few days ago. Paypal says it was completed on March 18th. Let me know if I still owe you something, but I think I should be good.

  • Nick T

    Hey, after watching the Presidebnt last night… I am going to wait on my payment. Pretty soon the government is going to pay for everything si I am hoping they will pick this up as well.

  • admin

    Yes, Nick, I long for the good ol’ days, too, when the government took care of the poor and helpless executives at Haliburton.

    (wind him up and watch him go !)

  • Nick T

    What does Halliburton have to do with the government going from a capitalistic society to a socialistic society? Capitalism has worked for well over 200 years… socialism hasn’t worked anywhere it has been tried. But I am willing to give it a chance as long as he pays my bills.

  • admin

    you say capitalism, i say corporate socialism.
    we agree to disagree.

    i’ll send your bill to BHO.
    i’ll let you know.

  • Nick

    What is BHO? When did you stop spelling? More of what is wrong with todays “ME” mentaility. Shortcuts. Nobody wants to work for what they have, they all want to take the easy way (BHO) or be handed the goods.

  • otisredn

    Yeah, Nick, you are right . . . I am all about the easy way.
    Hope you have enjoyed the website . . .

  • Nick

    Still don’t know what BHO is.

  • otisredn

    Barack Hussein Obama, but you knew that . . .

  • Nick

    No, I did not. When did he start using Hussien…. oh yeah after he bamboozled half the people in the US.

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