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A quick note

250 entries this year, down from 257 last year (I’m blaming Obama)

If you are stuck in office I do recommend checking out the live feed on
the high def feed is very good – I can cleary see Memphis laying an egg against Cal State Northridge

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6 comments to A quick note

  • Nick T

    It is not Obama’s fault, he takes blame for nothing. In fact before the election he talked about earmarks and getting rid of them. Have you seen those ears? Also did you see the pork…. (That is what we call earmarks)

  • Nick T

    Speaking of Obama and his campain promises… no lets not go there. Lets talk about AG and the dems. First they put together legislation that allows for the bailout, and the bonuises, now they say no, lets tax the bonuses so we can get back the money. Wondering out loud if the congress will give back all the campain money and donations that AIG gave them. NO, that would be logical and fair.

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    I don’t know about you, but March Madness allows for me to ignore things like politics and recessions so get this crap out of here!!!

    That is all.

  • admin

    I could delete them, Matt, but then he’d start bellyaching about censorship . . .

  • Nick T

    Whats more important, the future of our country, or when MSU gets bounced. And Joe, censorship is exactly what the current administration is doing. Go back to a quote of Obama… he would stop earmarks and not sign bills in the shadows…. now go find out what he did. Educate!

  • Matt Pietrangelo

    What’s more important? Tough to say, because politics will always correct themselves, just like the economy. If you wait long enough, it’ll come back around.

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