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south-florida-airball-2012-ncaa-tournament-terrible-basketball-shotsIt is with a heavy heart that I am informing you that I will not be hosting a NCAA pool this year.

I’d love to blame my decision on the pool being a major “time suck” – and it is – but that would not be entirely accurate. Quite honestly, my heart is just not in it this year. I have been doing this for some 20 odd years, starting off with a custom built spreadsheet and 10 entries, faxing the results nightly to the current website with over 450 entries. And who knows – I may find that I missed the and resurrect it again the future – I did let he domain name auto renew. But for now, we are giving it a rest.

My biggest regret – besides not seeing Mike Hippo win the pool (5-10 entries each year!) – is the lack of a donation to charity. I for one took the money I would have spent on brackets and gave it to a charity – Moe’s Promise – Battling Breast Cancer. I encourage you to do the same if you are so inclined. Please consider the charities suggested by last year’s champion Mr. Dicko – Gleaner’s Food Bank – or runner up Suzie Kirkland – insideOut Detroit Literary Arts Foundation.

Thanks for the support through the years.
Enjoy the tournament and good luck!

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4 comments to Airball

  • Jeff

    is anyone else running it or was it a true 1-man show??

    • otisredn

      Jeff, as far as the pool was concerned, yes it was a one man show. I did have a friend – Matt Pietrangelo – contributing some content for the site, since I don’t no dick about basketball!

  • Steve B

    Major bummer! 🙁 This is by far the greatest bracket ever! Thank you for letting my family, friends, and myself be a part of it. Hopefully, you bring it back next year.

    Good luck in your brackets!!

    • otisredn

      Steve – thanks for the kind words. And for the brackets over the years. As far luck in this years brackets – thanks – not sure I enter any however. As I have repeatedly stated – I don’t know dick about college basketball!

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