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What A Dicko!

mrdickoAll the money has been collected and the check’s have been cut.
This years winners are

1st place: Mr. Dicko – $1589.80
2nd Place: Suzie Kirkland – $529.93
Charity: Amazon Promise – $154.20

Thanks to everyone for playing and paying – I think this was the first time in a long time that all the brackets we paid for by the 1st of May!

There will be a couple changes for next years pool:

The first change is that we will be paying 1st through 5th place next year, rather than just 1st and 2nd (2014 payout as example):

1st Place: 70% ($1483.81)
2nd Place: 20% ($423.95)
3rd place: 5% ($105.99)
4th place: 3% ($63.59)
5th place: 2% ($42.39)

I know – what a great idea! And if Jeff Stasyk claims it was his idea, he’s lying. And the email he has to prove it is fake as well.

The second change will be the price. Brackets paid for before the championship game will be $5.00. Bracket’s paid for after the championship game will be $6.00, with the extra $1.00 going into the charity donation.

Speaking of the charity, Mr. Dicko’s suggestion for next year’s charity is Gleaner’s Food Bank and Suzie Kirkland’s is insideOut Detroit Literary Arts Foundation. Perhaps I’ll have to find another local (Detroit) option to complete the hat trick. Sorry, wrong sports metaphor -make the three point shot!

Thanks again – see you next year!

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