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Big Ten Sends 3 to Sweet 16, but Dayton is the Story!

I still love this Headline. Stick it to those Buckeyes.


The Flyers are flying high after knocking off the third seeded Syracuse team. The Orange shot sub-40% and got out-hustled on the glass. Dayton kept the window open for Syracuse over and over down the stretch, but Syracuse just kept on failing to take advantage. The Flyers will play the winner Kansas and Stanford. Next round will likely be the end for Dayton, but if they continue to defend the way they have, who knows…

Michigan fans need to get excited, because they are in a great place. If they had one concern heading into this season’s tournament, it would be playing against a team with Big inside presence. Texas had that… and Michigan led by double digits for about 35 of the 40 minutes. Easy win. Sure, the Blue were scorching the nets from the outside, but quite frankly, I assume Stauskas is making every shot the releases his hand… So what’s new?? My only complaint about that game was the Yellow vs Orange uniforms.  I think Barkley would agree that was Tuurrrrible to watch.

Michigan State looked like they were cruising to a blowout victory… Until they didn’t. It was not a window that was left open, it was the whole damn garage. There was absolutely no excuse for the 29-11 Harvard run in the second half. Luckily, it doesn’t matter. The name of the game is win and advance and this will only give Izzo more talking points heading into next week.

The third Big Ten team into the Sweet 16 was Wisconsin. The Badgers were badly outplayed in the first half, but slowed down the Oregon transition in the second. By dictating the tempo, UW was able play in the half-court, where they took over the game and kept the Duck’s scoring under control.

SDSU secured the other victory and Nova vs UConn is the final game remaining tonight.

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