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Wrap Up


Sorry – I’m a little late getting this out.

Pool’s over. You didn’t win. Unless you are Elizabeth Pietrangelo or Graham Touhey

The final payouts were as such:

1st Place: Elizabeth Pietrangelo – $1289.93
2nd Place: Graham Touhey – $429.97
Charity: American Cancer Society – $112.65

The donation to the American Cancer Society was made in the name of my father-in-law John Mergel, who fell victim to cancer a few years back. John was a long time participant in the pool and could always be counted for a bracket or two where he would pick his alma mater – Marquette – or one of his children’s alma maters – Michigan or Boston College – to win it all, regardless of their seeding. It’s that kind of reckless abandonment of logic that makes the tournament – and pool – great. His picks, as well as his presence, are sorely missed.

Elizabeth and Graham have selected the 2 charities for next year as well – the Franny Strong Foundation and Jeff Dailey Memorial Foundation – two charities that they have  personal ties to. So please, in the 10 months before next year’s pool, spend as much time researching your pick for charity as you do that 7-10 match up!

Thanks to Matt Pietrangelo for his help with content for the site. Pietrangelo. . . hmm, that name looks familiar . . . where have I seen it before? Oh yeah – Elizabeth (his sister-in-law) won the pool this year! Perhaps we should have her write for the site next year . . .

Thanks again for playing and for paying – see you next March!

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