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If you are new to the pool this year – welcome. If you are a veteran – welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the first two rounds of the tournament. What’s that? You say they’ve actually completed 3 rounds so far? No, sorry, I don’t consider the play-in games to be a round of the tournament.

Can I Still Win ?
Probably. Maybe. Of the 379 brackets this year, 209 still have a chance to win it all, and another 59 can still finish in 2nd place. Granted, some of you have a better chance of winning than others. But tell that to Florida Gulf Coast University.

If you haven’t been to the site – please visit and take a look at the Player Scenario report. This will tell you if you still have a chance to win any money in this year’s pool. It will also tell you who you need to root for. The software actually went through the 32,768 possible scenarios left to generate this report.

And you thought you didn’t need to watch the games anymore . . .



379 x $5.00=$1895.00

Less fees

Turbo Tourney: $19.00
Domain Charge: $9.00
Hosting fees: $8.99
Editorial Content: $15.00
Charitable Contribution: $94.75
PayPal fees: $10.00 (estimate)
Square Fees: $5.00 (estimate)
Total: $1733.26 (estimate)

First Place: $1733.26 x 75%=$1299.95 (estimate)
Second Place: $1733.26 x 25%=$433.32 (estimate)

Not bad, considering your cat picked your bracket. Be sure to save some money for catnip.

Thanks for all those who voted for this years charity – as I announced on the site the American Cancer Society was selected, though the vote was close. Some of you have overpaid for your brackets – please note any overpayments will be tacked onto the donation to them. Feel free to add a little extra to your payment if you haven’t sent it in yet and we will throw it in the kitty for them. I will update you all of the final amount collected.

First thank you to those who have already sent in their payment. Can’t remember if you sent your payment in? That’s OK – there are three reports that indicate your paid status – Unpaid Player Listing, Current Standings & Potential Standings. So if you have a “No” next to your entry, won’t you please send your payment in today?

There are the four options for payment, in order of your humble pool administrator’s preference:

Seriously people . . . you were able to enter a bracket online but can’t figure out PayPal? You’ve been meaning to give PayPal a try, so why try it now? I’ll be your guinea pig. It costs you nothing! You save postage, checks and envelopes. It’s a win-win. So go and set up your account up and then just send your payment to

I can now accept credit card payments! (we live in amazing times). So if you see me and want me to swipe you credit card we can do that. Or if you want to send me your credit card information I can key it in. Or if you would prefer to call me with the information that would work too : 586.634.1867. Email first, however – may not answer a phone call from a number I don’t recognize.

Always works. But prefer PayPal – I don’t have to write down or guess who handed me the cash, nor do I have to take it to the bank.

If you are old school you can actually mail me a check:
Joe Mares
161 Edith
Oxford, MI 48371
This is the one thing I hate about the pool – having to sign and write my name on all the checks. Then I still have to take them to the bank. Save me the trouble and just PayPal the money!

If you haven’t checked the website there are a number of reports available to you throughout the tournament

Beginning Bracket: The original bracket, back when Georgetown still had a chance
Champions Summary: A list of the teams and the number of times they were picked to win the tournament (Notre Dame ? Really ?)
Unpaid Players: An alphabetic listing of the players who have yet to pay.
Players Summary: A grid listing of each players picks.
Tournament Results: Bracket view of the tournament to date. If you click on the little icon (I think they’re pencils, not sure why) it will pull up a list of who picked which team in that game .
Tournament Summary: A list of each team and the number of times they were picked each round.
Current Standings: The current standings sorted on the number of points you have
Potential Standings: The current standings sorted on the number of potential points you can get.

Next time you visit the website, don’t just click through to the standings. Take a moment and check out the insightful analysis of Matt Pietrangelo. If nothing else, check out the captions he puts on the pictures! Give him a Facebook “like” or leave a comment to let him know you you appreciate his efforts. If you enjoy his work here you can follow him on twitter as well @SpartanSports, especially if you enjoy your world view with a green tint.

Again – thanks for playing and thanks for paying – good luck – enjoy the rest of the tournament – may you finish 1 point behind me!

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