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Please Don't Wait Until The Last Minute !

You need to have your brackets in by 12:19:59 ET today
If you are considering getting a bracket or two, please do not wait until the last minute.clock
The servers tend to crash under the weight of everyone trying to beat the deadline.
If you wait until 10:00 or later, you’ll find it frustratingly slow and may not get your picks in.
Thank you,
The Management

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3 comments to Please Don't Wait Until The Last Minute !

  • Nick T

    Would be good if you e-mailed to all who got in last year with the e-mail given. That would be called progress we could believe in. But much like what we currently see in the administration, it is only for those that the messiah wants… it truley isn’t for all.

  • admin

    Sorry – using Gmail this year instead of Outlook and doesn’t handle email addresses in the same manner. As you said – progress. No slight intended.

    You say “messiah”, I prefer “Chocolate Jesus”

    Good to hear from you.
    We (your brother and sisters) were just talking about how concerned we were that we haven’t heard from you.

    Hope all is well

  • Nick T

    Hey everything is great, your ‘chocolate jesus’ just gave away an additional 5 billion of our hard earned tax dollars. You obviously don’t mind. I guess that will just mean that charities like the church you go to… you do still go don’t you, will be recieving less.

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