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Big Ten Lays A Turd

After a solid start to the tournament, the Big Ten just dropped two winnable games to the Big East.

Wisconsin spent most of the second half lighting it up from 3-point land only to find themselves down by 1 with 16 seconds left.  Rather then running their regular offense, the Badgers went to a horribly executed set before giving the ball off to Jordan Taylor.  Taylor only managed to throw up a prayer that was not even close before the rebound went to a Wisconsin player that air balled the put back.

The Spartans on the other hand shot horrible early and often — going just 28% from the field.  Draymond Green had a tough time dealing with Louisville’s match-up man to man zone.  I actually just made up that title for their defense because it is a Rick Patino design that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the country.  It has principles of man to man defense, zone defense, and trapping defenses — if nothing else, it has been proven effective come tournament time, as the guy is now 10-0 all time in sweet 16 games.  Anyway, back to Green, who turned the ball over 6 times, making his assist to turnover ratio a 0.33 for the game (his 3rd lowest for the season).  Obviously their defensive tempo was too much for him to handle.

On a side note, the way the refs officiated the game actually played into the Cardinals favor.  Hand checking and wrist slaps were not called all game and that is quite helpful to a trapping defense that does a lot of reaching.  Do not get me wrong, the refs were consistent with how they called the game and that is all you can ask for as a coach or player, but it just so happened that their reffing style matched the Louisville play style.  I am definitely hoping Florida beats Marquette because a Florida vs Louisville game should make for one of the most entertaining games in the tournament.

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3 comments to Big Ten Lays A Turd

  • Nick

    Blaming the refs…. that is not like you. MSU sucked…. it was not the refs fault. Usually it is I that pulls that – blaming the refs.

  • Nick

    Blaming the refs…. that is not like you. MSU sucked…. it was not the refs fault. Usually it is I that pulls that – blaming the refs.

  • Pietrang The Great

    I didn’t blame the refs, I simply said Louisville’s play-style matched the style of game the refs were calling. The refs were consistent with the no-calls for both teams throughout. As a player, coach or fan, that’s all you can ask for.

    The only issue I had with how the refs called the game was the free throw situation near the end, but the game was well in hand by the time they got the bonus free throw.

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