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Dissecting The Conferences

After dissecting the different conferences...

With two rounds officially in the books, it is time to look at how the conferences:

1) The Big East and Big Ten actually face each other in three Sweet 16 games – That will go a long way in determining which conference has the best tournament.  The 3 games are: Michigan State vs Louisville, Syracuse vs Wisconsin, and Cincinnati vs Ohio State.

2) The ACC has struggled, but NC State has helped them save a little bit of face.  Regardless, they’ve had a poor showing (Thanks Duke).

3) The mid-majors pulled off some major upsets, but have lost all their better seeded teams.  Ohio and Xavier have made it through to the Sweet 16, but if neither makes the Elite Eight, they have only done marginally better then expected.


BIG 10                                                             BIG EAST                                                                    ACC

Tournament Teams: 6                                    Tournament Teams: 9                                                 Tournament Teams: 5

Remaining Teams: 4                                       Remaining Teams: 4                                                   Remaining Teams: 2

Average Seed: 4.2 Seed                                Average Seed: 6.1 Seed                                              Average Seed: 5.4 Seed

Projected Wins: 13                                         Projected Wins: 13                                                     Projected Wins: 10

Actual Wins: 9 (-1 on projection)                     Actual Wins: 10 (+1 on projections)                              Actual Wins: 5 (-2 on projections)



Big 12                                       SEC                                                  PAC 12                                          Mid-Majors

Tournament Teams: 6               Tournament Teams: 4                        Tournament Teams: 2                       Tournament Teams: 36

Remaining Teams: 2                Remaining Teams: 2                            Remaining Teams: 0                         Remaining Teams: 2

Average Seed: 5.7 Seed           Average Seed: 5.5 Seed                     Average Seed: 11.5 Seed                  Average Seed: 11.5 Seed

Projected Wins: 10                   Projected Wins: 10                             Projected Wins: 0                            Projected Wins: 10

Actual Wins: 6 (-2)                    Actual Wins: 5 (-1)                           Actual Wins: 1 (+1)                           Actual Wins: 12 (+2)


Note: All projected wins are based on the better seed winning.

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