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Finally have gotten all the money from the basketball pool in. 
Well, almost all the money. 
At least Henry Raymonds was kind enough to tell me he wasn't going to be paying

The winners will be paid in full. After expenses the total payouts were 
Phil Alyshio : $1034.81
John Stevens 1: $344.94 (I need your address please)

Thanks to all those who did pay:

Pay Pal: $480 (isn't is great to be one of the cool kids?)
Cash: $300

Checks: $620 (you all owe me an aspirin – my hand hurts from endorsing all those checks!)

Special thanks to Pietrang the Great for his wonderful insight and keeping the site from just being a repository of my witless smarm.
And to Damian Doerfer,'s resident nerd for his statistical graphs and analysis.

'til next March . . .

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