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And Then There Were 4

The lack of early round upsets led to an upredictable Sweet 16.

Wait, you didn’t have the Final Four of Kentucky, UConn, VCU, and Butler?  Weird…

Over on ESPN there were 5.9 million brackets filled out and exactly 1 guy that nailed the Final Four: The Blind Squirrel’s Bracket

As for the elite eight games, I actually came away pretty disappointed.  While the likes of VCU and Butler played hard, I just can’t get over the lack of mental toughness from the better seeds.  Florida was in control against Butler most of the way, but down the stretch they quit working the ball inside.  All game they owned the paint, but in the last 8 minutes, they decided to go away from it.  Had Florida continued to pound it, Butler would have been forced to give up the points or run out of guys with fouls because they clearly didn’t have the size or strength to keep up.

The other game that really bothered me was Kansas against VCU.  Bill Self had time for his scouts to get through the film, but its like they totally ignored the tape of VCU against Purdue.  I’m not sure if the coaches covered how do deal with the VCU pressure at all.  It might have just been the team failing to execute, but having seen some of Self’s other game plans, I’d be more likely to put the blame on him.  Either way, at the stage of the tournament, the stronger team should be able to exploit the weaknesses of the other team.  This is what the great coaches are able to do…ask Coach K, Izzo, or Calhoun.  When they have good teams, they are able to feast on teams that are not the complete package.

Now when the Final Four is played, the winner of Kentucky and UConn is going to be the considerable favorite heading into the championship game.   At this point, anyone betting against Kemba Walker seems like an idiot to me.  In a tournament that has been littered with disappointments, Kemba Walker is a kid that steps up over and over again.

Later on in the week I’ll give the updated Conference Info…
Just a couple quick notes: The Big East was able to save some face with UConn making their run and the Big Ten did a complete 180 from their outstanding opening round.  Obviously the mid-majors are looking very strong at this point.


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