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Wait – don’t jump! You still have a chance to win!

Wait – don’t jump! You still have a chance to win.
Well, maybe. . . 

Before the start of the 2nd round (officially it’s the 3rd round because of the play-in games, but I think that’s just crap) there were 120 of the 289 brackets that still had a chance to take 1st place and another 35 brackets that can take 2nd place.

Sorry – no American Idol tonight – you’ve got basketball to watch!

There’s a new report on the site – Player Scenarios – that shows the highest rank each of the 289 brackets can finish. It even tells you who to root for.

So don’t jump yet. Or, if you do, please check and make sure you have paid for your bracket already. I hate dealing with probate courts.

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