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Panthers are Gator Bait

The real Gators are still in hiding…


Florida had no problems booking the tournament’s first spot in the Sweet 16. Scott Wilbekin had a great game and appeared to be Florida’s only consistent threat. Despite easily advancing again, the Gators have to regroup a bit if they plan on making the Final Four, […]

Shaka is Smarting! and Some Other Notes

In an epic finish, SF Austin became the tournament’s third #12 seed to sneak into the Round of 32. With a 4 point lead and under 10 seconds, VCU managed to foul a three point shooter, which in-turn forced overtime. The 12th seeded Lumberjacks continued their pesky ways in the extra session and came up […]

Mercer, Mercer, Me!

No Billion Dollar Babies Here

Nobody got through the first round perfect, but there were 6 who managed to get 15 of 16!

Mark Jacek Allen.Kennedy2 Kyle.Bell2 d.ronzi4 ryan.welser.2 John Hahka 5


Workin Overtime


This guy knows what we are talking about.

I have been waiting to post until all the 7:00 start games ended… WHICH TOOK FOREVER DUE TO 3 OVERTIME GAMES.

There were a few simple ones since the last time I posted… Michigan and Michigan State both cruised. Big. Easy wins.

Florida also advanced […]

Miss the Day Games? No Problem, We Got Ya

12th seeded Harvard captured the tournament’s biggest upset.


Here is a recap of what you might have missed so far in the Tournament:

– Upsets are off and running. Both Dayton (a #11 seed) and Harvard (a #12 seed) found ways to get it done. As always, the top seed has to underachieve […]

Nice Way to Start!

The next best thing to a Michigan victory is an Ohio State loss . . .

We Have A Winner!

No, not in the tournament silly. They haven’t even finished a game.

The winner I am speaking about is Amazon Promise – the winner of this year’s’s charity donation. Since we got 463 brackets* (an new record) the donation will be at least $115.75

Welcome to those who are new to the pool; […]

Rock & (Finger) Roll

Conference Breakdown

These numbers only include the final 64 teams in the field

Obama is buying into the MSU hype — A Spartan championship would certainly give the Big Ten the most wins of any league.

ACC Teams in Field: 6 (Seeds: 1, 3, 3, 6, 9, 12) ACC Projected Wins: 9 Notes: Nine seems about […]