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Pick@Night: Fantasy Island

EXT – TROPICAL ISLAND – MID DAY Mr. Roarke standing with Tattoo by his side, surrounded by bikini clad women MR ROARKE (raising his arms in greeting) My dear guests, I am Mr. Roarke, your host. Welcome to Fantasy Island TATTOO (whispering to Mr. Roarke’s crotch) Boss, there’s a lot of them this year MR […]

Ohio Moves to 8-0 in The NCAA Tourney

This guy actually played sports?


In the final game of the evening, Florida State and Cincinnati played a slug-fest. Both teams rely on size and physical defense…and both teams lack creativity on offense. Add that up and you have a game of Wisconsin-like basketball…and quite frankly nobody likes that.

Speaking of dislikes, UC […]

Kansas Survives 39 Minute, 59 Second Scare

The early rounds are not always kind to Bill…

The Purdue Boilermakers played a fantastic X’s and O’s game against Kansas and it nearly earned them the victory. Coach Painter had designed sets to neutralize Kansas’ athleticism and free up All-Big Ten senior Robbie Hummel. As big players do on big stages, he scorched […]

X Marks the Spot

The Musketeers are one of the A-10s best in the Tournament

The Xavier Musketeers have been quite fortunate in the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

In the first round the zebras hooked them up with a lane violation when Notre Dame was in the process of forcing overtime. What a travesty of a call that was…and […]

Gator Bait

I wonder what Spartan tastes like? I heard their tears taste like sugar…But that's from the same people that don't know the difference between Ohio and Ohio State.


The Norfolk State Spartans became a fan favorite in their exciting win over Missouri, but they were simply out-matched by the Florida Gators.

The game […]

The One Seeds Advance

And Pat Caputo Thought The Gap Had Closed…


Both the top seeds in today’s action navigated their way into the Sweet 16.

The Spartans got a bit of a scare from a very pesky Saint Louis team, but despite struggling at the free throw line down the stretch, managed to book their spot […]

NC State Advances – 11 Seed To The Sweet 16

ACC is good in March…Always

I don’t mean to brag, but both my brackets had the Wolfpack in the Sweet 16. OK, maybe I do mean to brag…but hey, you throw enough crap at the wall, something is bound to stick.

NC State did what most successful underdogs are able to do — Control […]

Sunday’s Games To Watch

I know you expect the insightful basketball analysis to only come from Pietrang The Great but, just to prove that I too can bring it from the inside, here’s a guide of the games to watch on Sunday:

Cincinnati vs Florida State Lehigh vs Xavier North Carolina State vs Georgetown Creighton vs University […]

No St. Patty’s Day Magic For The Underdogs

Seriously Baylor, You Look Stupid

The final three games of the day finished up just as the brackets said they would…making the favorites a perfect 8 for 8 on the day.

Kentucky was getting pushed by Iowa State for a while, but when the Wildcats stepped on the gas, the Cyclones were left in […]

Hey Shaka, Hoosier Daddy?

Anyone know if this is any good?

The Big Ten continued it’s great start to the tournament after Indiana survived a scare from #12 VCU.

The Rams went ice cold from the field, putting in just 2 field goals in the final eleven and a half minutes of the game. Cody Zeller showed why […]