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Jayhawks Round Out The Final Four

Kansas was the beneficiary of North Carolina losing their star point guard, but give them credit, they took advantage.

The Jayhawks buckled down and played some second half defense, limiting Carolina to just 20 second half points. I was under the impression that only Big Ten teams could be limited to 20 in a half, […]

Kentucky – Fast Basketball Players and Beautiful Fans

Any school that has Ashley Judd is in good company



Calipari is back to the Final Four…again. If nothing else, the man is a heck of a coach (even if he is a cheater).

The Wildcats did nothing but destroy Baylor in ever facet of the game. The NBA talent on the […]

Ohio Makes Final Four

Some Day They Might Figure It Out…


Ohio is through to the final four! No, not that Ohio…they lost to North Carolina.

The other Ohio — The Buckeyes (referred to as Ohio State by everyone outside of a small pocket of people that wear a lot of yellow).

The Buckeyes had four players […]

Rick Pitino Does It Again

For most of the game, the Florida Gators had Louisville playing outside of their comfort zone. The faster pace was too much for the Cardinals, but as the game wore on, it got into a possession by possession game — and when that happened, Louisville was able to execute much better in the half court […]

Baylor Highlighters and Carolina Baby Blue Advance

Note to Baylor: Your uniforms still suck.

Baylor played a pretty good game though…right up until the time they were supposed to put their foot on the Musketeers throat. Instead of doing that, they decided to turn the ball over and the let Xavier back into it. In the end, the Bears (aka Highlighters) did […]

Two More Teams Join The Elite…Eight

Can Sullinger Be Stopped?


Ohio State and Florida joined the elite eight party after the late games Thursday.

The Buckeyes advanced by controlling just about everything in their game with in-state rival Cincinnati. And yes, I use the term “rival” loosely. The bigs for the Bearcats were simply dominated as Sullinger and Thomas […]


We’ve got some charts in for the results of the first two rounds

Here’s a visual of the number of correct picks we all had for the first round


Here’s a visual of the number of correct picks we all had for […]

Big Ten Lays A Turd

After a solid start to the tournament, the Big Ten just dropped two winnable games to the Big East.

Wisconsin spent most of the second half lighting it up from 3-point land only to find themselves down by 1 with 16 seconds left. Rather then running their regular offense, the Badgers went to a horribly […]


Welcome to

Hope everyone is enjoying the tournament so far. I appreciate all of you who have returned from previous years and welcome those of you who are new to the pool. If you haven’t visited Fantasy Island yet, please take a look so you know who to root […]

Dissecting The Conferences

After dissecting the different conferences…

With two rounds officially in the books, it is time to look at how the conferences:

1) The Big East and Big Ten actually face each other in three Sweet 16 games – That will go a long way in determining which conference has the best tournament. The 3 […]