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Revenge Of The Nerds, Part II

This time, the sequel is better – thanks Damian!


Post 2nd Round Games – Its Official, The Big East Blows!

A graph depicting which conferences are being blown up


Two Rounds are officially in the books and the most obvious conclusion is the Big East was WAY over-hyped. After receiving a record breaking 11 teams into the field, the conference has only managed a 9-9 mark, leaving them with just 2 teams, 3 […]

Eagles Good As Gold

He can barely get out a sentence, but that couldn't conceal his dislike of the Big East


The Marquette Golden Eagles knocked off the Syracuse Orange for the second time this season. In the back and forth game, the teams ended up separated by the sole fact that Marquette made plays down the […]

Horns Hooked, Purdon’t Crushed

I have a hunch this guy is the weirdo at most parties…


Texas failed to take advantage of numerous chances down the stretch to lose to the 5th seeded Arizona Wildcats. I haven’t looked at the box score, but I have to imagine the numbers were very close as the game was insanely […]

Buckeyes Cruise…

If OSU keeps winning, the players should be able to sell their jerseys for more than expected




Ohio State crushed George Mason in every phase of the game today.


The way the Buckeyes are playing, I’m not sure Kentucky will even have a shot when the two teams meet next […]

I Hate The Dukes

The Blue (Blood) Devils

Duke (& Duke) : 73, Michigan 71 Michigan fought hard and played well Shock the world next year Blue.

Wolverine Weenies Hope Rims Out

Despite what some U of M fans think, Michigan does in fact have a basketball team


The Michigan Wolverines fought the Blue Devils hard for 40 minutes, but missed their final look when Morris was unable to sink his teardrop. Duke’s Nolan Smith showed why he should be the national player of the […]

Tarheels Advance

It took an off game for Washington star Isaiah Thomas for North Carolina to squeak into the Sweet 16. The Huskies, who don’t really believe in defense, jumped out to an early lead and seemed to stay up a bucket or two all game. Finally down the stretch UNC got some stops and that was […]

The 3 week long, $5.00 lottery ticket!

Welcome to

I want thank you all for our 12th straight year of growth. Our sales for 2011 are up 15.6% over last year – from 250 to 289! Pretty sure it was Obama’s stimulus package . . . Prizes


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Pittsburgh Lives Down to Reputation


Another highly seeded Pittsburgh team goes down in flames in the NCAA Tournament. In a bizarre finish that can barely be described, Butler ended up finishing a point up on the top seeded Panthers. After Butler hit a shot to go up a point with 2.2 second left, Pittsburgh got inexplicably fouled on […]