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Please Don’t Jump!

Please don’t jump !

What’s that ? You had Ohio State and Kansas in your bracket? Oh . . . OK . . . see the white GMC pickup truck down there? Try not to hit it . . . that’s mine.

I am still awaiting payment from some of you. If you […]

Three’s Company

Beth Mares, John Stevens & Phylis Alyshio

I am not sure what Matt is talking about – And Then There Was Four. Best as I can tell there are only three left. Sure, there is actually four brackets left in the money, but they represent only 3 people.

Here’s the scenarios left in the […]

Congrats to the Final Four Coaches!!

Trips with UMass and Memphis no longer exist…


I’d like to send out my congratulations to all four remaining coaches…


Butler’s coach: Congrats for being the youngest coach to ever go to back to back final fours (he’s what, 13, maybe 14?)

UConn’s coach: Congrats to Calhoun for really working the phones […]

And Then There Were 4

The lack of early round upsets led to an upredictable Sweet 16.

Wait, you didn’t have the Final Four of Kentucky, UConn, VCU, and Butler? Weird…

Over on ESPN there were 5.9 million brackets filled out and exactly 1 guy that nailed the Final Four: The Blind Squirrel’s Bracket

As for the elite eight […]

Eight Is Enough . . .

Really? Abbey could have done better than Tom . . .


. . . to eliminate all but 24 players from winning any money!

14 can still finish in 1st place and another 10 can finish in 2nd place.

Check out the Player Scenarios to see if you still have a chance […]

Big Ten Eliminated, VCU Continues Run

The sleaziest coach in the country explaining why Derrick Rose didn't have to take the SAT…


Just like the majority of bowl seasons in football, the Ohio State Buckeyes failed to beat an SEC team. In this case, it was the Kentucky Wildcats that knocked off the tournament’s top seed. Ohio State had […]

The Slipper No Longer Fits

I hope Cinderella had a better looking slipper..


In the opening two games of Friday night, the major underdogs, Marquette and Richmond, were both taken to the shed. The games were over within minutes as the top seeds jumped out to huge leads. Obviously Marquette and Richmond both exceeded their pre-tournament expectations, but […]

Bizzare Pair of Games

Say what you want about Fredette, I'll take Howard on my team anyday



The defending national champion Duke Blue Devils looked to be coasting to the elite eight in the 1st half of their game with Arizona Thursday night. I’m not sure what happened at the break, but when the teams took […]

The Big East Stays Alive! Mountain West Waves Goodbye…

Eddie Munster, er um, Billy Donovan has the Gators still alive

In Thursday night’s opening game, the UConn Huskies survived a battle with the San Diego State Aztec to become the first team to advance to the elite eight. It took a while for Kemba Walker to get going, but once he did, he […]

Wait – don’t jump! You still have a chance to win!

Wait – don’t jump! You still have a chance to win. Well, maybe. . . 

Before the start of the 2nd round (officially it’s the 3rd round because of the play-in games, but I think that’s just crap) there were 120 of the 289 brackets that still had a chance to take 1st place […]