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OUCH – MSU's Win Hurts!!!

I think I may have pulled a muscle jumping off my couch as Lucious hit that shot.

The Spartans dominated for 37 minutes, building a lead of as many as 16 in the second half. However, with the injuries to Lucas and Allen, the press started to cut into that lead quickly. In fact, Maryland […]

The First Day of Round 2

In the third day of the tournament, 3 of the 8 games had lower seeds win…two of which were double digit seeds. This tournament has blown up the majority of peoples brackets…the biggest game being the loss of tournament favorite, Kansas, who got handled by Northern Iowa.

The day kicked off with St Mary’s […]

You're Not In, Kansas, Anymore

Northern Iowa 69 – Kansas 67

Is this heaven ? No, it’s Northern Iowa

Game On! – Welcome to

Welcome to – the 3 week long, $5.00 lottery ticket!

Isn't Google great ?

I want thank you all for our 11th straight year of growth. Our sales for 2010 are up 0.4% over last year – from 249 to 250! Actually I should thank “Dave Menkens2” since he was #250! […]

The Balls Of St. Mary's

St. Marys : 75 Villanova : 68

St. Mary’s played outstanding and is really showing that their conference tournament run was no fluke. They will be a tough out for Baylor next week, but I think their run is probably over just because they will be unable to match up with the physical front-line […]

Who's Your Cinderella Baby ?

Who's your Cinderella Baby ?!?

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Which team will make the sweet sixteen ?

Only one slipper so pick only one . . .

Conference Breakdown After the First Round

Note – These numbers DO NOT include the play in game. Also, for simplicity in the numbers, I included all non-BCS conferences as a group. Obviously the talent gap between the Atlantic Ten and the Big South is significant, but at the end of the day…they are all considered mid-majors. So for this look at […]

"Oops I Crapped My Pants" Worked for Me…

Win and advance is the name of the game, but my god did the Spartans scare the crap out of me today. They totally controlled the first half, but never really seemed to get the score separation that they deserved. Green played well inside all game and Roe had a great first half, but […]

Do The Upsets Continue in Day 2???

My bracket was bleeding at the end of yesterday… and I was hoping Day 2 would settle down just a little bit.

Instead the Ivy League gets their first tournament win since 1998…and it was Cornell’s first tournament win EVER. That’s right Temple made it happen! In fact, they got absolutely destroyed. Honestly if the […]

Go Big Red !

Cornell : 78 Temple : 65

Good dog!