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The Final Nine

The Final Nine ? That right, we are down to only 9 people who can still win some money in the pool Scenario : First Place / Second Place Michigan State over West Virginia : Jen.Goings / Alex Vec West Virginia over Michigan State : mergel.richard / MSTASYK3 Michigan State over Duke : Jen.Goings / […]

Another 1 Bites The Dust

West Virginia 73 – Kentucky 66

Headline : Rick Trawinski

Chicks Rule

Indiana Wants Me . . .

. . . Butler can go back there! (if you don’t get the reference click the link)

Butler : 63

Kansas State : 56

Hitler finds out Kansas lost to UNI

Who’s gonna let him know about Syracuse ?

Thanks to Jon Walgren (Henry The T, Masterful Man, Neil Z Kid, Queen LaKatho & The Shadow) for the link

The Butler Did It

Bulter : 63

Syracuse : 59

The 2nd 1 seed gets planted

Which #1 Seed WONT Make The Final Four

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Kansas is not an option

Go Purdue, N lowa, Syracuse, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas St, W Virginia, Baylor (+2276 other combinations)

Go Purdue (mmmm, chicken!!)

Why Purdue, N lowa, Syracuse, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas St, W Virginia, Baylor (+2276 other combinations) ?

Because that what I need to win your money (provided you’ve paid me!)

There’s a new report available. The software ran through the 32,768 possible combinations left in the tournament (it took 4+ hours […]

A Look at the Conferences After 2 Rounds

Big East (8 Teams)

Average Seed: 4.0 (1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 6, 6, 9)

Tournament Record: 6-6 (50%)

Notes: I would say the Big East had a rough second round…but after their poor opening round, it doesn’t really seem that bad. They technically SHOULD have 5 teams left according to their seeding and are […]

Boiler Up!

Purdue ended the day with an overtime victory against Texas A&M. Although technically favored in seeding, the Boilermakers were the first round upset special by many bracket makers. Instead of bowing out early though, they have survived both tests and find themselves in the Sweet 16, matched up against a vulnerable Duke team. It was […]