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Money (That's What I Want)

“Money don’t get everything it’s true, But what it don’t get, I can’t use.”

We have a winner! Two of them, actually. 1st place goes to Ken Kirkland – $908.90 “Whole lot of money. (That’s what I want.)” 2nd place goes to I Am Better Than Killer Dog – $302.97 “a-Lots of money. […]

Payment Meter

Big Pussy sez:

Time to pay up, capice ? (Editor’s note : You need to be careful when you Google “Big Pussy“) […]

Can I Get A Witness ?

I hope you have enjoyed the tournament so far, even though you (probably) didn’t win. I am looking for feedback for next year’s pool – I have a poll on the site for you to take. We have had requests in the past to change the point system for the pool. Current System : Standard […]

Tournament Scenarios Report

New report available – Tournament Scenarios – use the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner to review the standings for the final eight possible scenarios left. Unless your name is Kevin Moore, however, you probably don’t care . . .

Go Louisville, N. Carolina, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Michigan St, Memphis, Duke, Oklahoma & Final Game Score: 131-139 (+25 other combinations)

Why Louisville, N. Carolina, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Michigan St, Memphis, Duke, Oklahoma & Final Game Score: 131-139 (+25 other combinations)?

Because that what I need to win your money (provided you’ve paid me!)

There’s a new report available. The software ran through the 32,768 possible combinations left in the tournament (it took 10 hours to run) […]

How The Site Is Updated

A little note on how the updates work

I have two computers – laptop @ home and desktop @ office – running the software.

The office computer checks for new results (finished games) on the hour (x:00) and the home laptop checks at the bottom of the hour (x:30). If there are new results, […]

A quick note

250 entries this year, down from 257 last year (I’m blaming Obama) If you are stuck in office I do recommend checking out the live feed on the high def feed is very good – I can cleary see Memphis laying an egg against Cal State Northridge […]

Sorry, Pool's Closed


Please Don't Wait Until The Last Minute !

You need to have your brackets in by 12:19:59 ET today If you are considering getting a bracket or two, please do not wait until the last minute. The servers tend to crash under the weight of everyone trying to beat the deadline. If you wait until 10:00 or later, you’ll find it frustratingly slow […]