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Zeke, The Wonder Dog sez

Michigan State : 64 Louisville : 52


That’s a Good Dog

Dear Mr. President

Joseph Mares <>

Receipt for your Money Request 1 message <> Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 10:11 AM To: joseph mares <> Dear joseph mares, You sent a money request for $15.75 USD to

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Zeke, The Wonder Dog sez:

Michigan State : 74 USC : 69


That’s a Good Dog

Sparty On

Michigan State 74, USC 69

NCAA investigates why Michigan State is not in the Big East

Goodbye Marquette, We'll Mizz U

Missouri 83, Marquette 79

Missouri to join the Big east

Cleveland Rocked

Arizona 71, Cleveland State 57

Arizona invited to join the Big East

Not So O.K. State

Pittsburgh 84, Oklahoma State 76

Big East Rules Again

Badgers Bagged

Xavier 60, Wisonsin 49

Xavier leaving Atlantic 10 to join the Big East

Wisconsin confirms Big Ten membership

Orange You Glad ?

Syracuse 78, Arizon State 67

The Big East Rules Again

Singing the M Go Blues

Not only did the basketball team lose to Oklahoma 73 – 63 The hockey team lost in the CCHA Championship 5-2 to Notre Dame (with me in attendance) It’s still great to be a Michigan Wolverine . . . Go Green, Go White […]