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(UPI) INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Orange smoke has been seen this evening rising from the 15th floor of the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis, signifying that the NCAA Selection committee had selected the teams for this year’s basketball championship tournament. CBS Sports was quick to release the announcement “HABEMUS BRACKET” – latin for “We Have A […]

Zeke ?!?

You O.K. boy ?

Devil With The Blue Dress

Carolina Blue Dress, that is . . . North Carolina 89, Michigan State 72 Ouch! That was so much fun I feel asleep At least it was less than 35 points . . . […]

It Takes Two

Michigan State Spartans vs. North Carolina Tarheels

It's A Shame

. . . that the greatest conference in the history of mankind – the Big East – couldn’t get a team into the championship.

And to think that the overated Big Ten champion took out two of their #1 seeds


It's The Same Old Song

Carolina wins . . .

Zeke, The Wonder Dog sez

Michigan State : 82 Connecticut : 73


That’s a Good Dog

Bye Bye Baby

Michigan State 82, Connecticut 73

Are we sure Michigan State ain’t in the Big East ?

No wait, they can’t be . . . CBS wasn’t gushing all about them like they were Connecticut

Glad to see a local team can actually win a game inside Ford Feild


The Four Tops come to Motown

Michigan State Villanova Connecticut North Carolina Yeah, the NCAA may market it as the “Final Four” This is Detroit, however, and we do things different . . . […]

Michigan State 64, Louisville 52

Big East’s best vs. Big Ten’s best

At least it was a close game, Nick