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Conference Breakdown After the Opening Weekend

I ranked the Conferences in order of performance so far:

#1 – SEC: Remaining: 3 (Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee) Wins: 6 Notes: The SEC has been incredible so far… A perfect 6-0. Kentucky just ended a team’s 35-game win streak. Doesn’t get any better than that. Total Teams: 3 (Seeds: 1, 8, 11) Projected Wins: 7



At least everyone got to go to bed at a decent hour tonight because there were absolutely zero good games in the night session.

Curse Avoided!!!

For some reason, North Carolina could beat MSU with 4 guys on the court.


Those that follow MSU basketball closely jumped for joy when UNC was eliminated by Iowa State this afternoon. Sure it is unusual to pull for the favorite in your bracket, but considering MSU’s history with UNC, you cannot blame […]

Shockers Shocked

This game was a classic example of the overachieving mid-major vs the underachieving power conference team. In this case, the Kentucky Wildcats started the season ranked #1, but only made the tournament as an 8 seed after losing 10 games during the year. On the other hand, Wichita State rattled off 34 victories to enter […]

Kansas Misses Super Freshman — Exits Dance Early

If you do not know who Joel Embiid is, than it is annoying your bracket is ahead of mine… And just about everyone is ahead of my bracket this year. So yeah, annoying.

Kansas star Freshman Joel Embiid is a 7 footer that has averaged over 11 points and 8 rebounds a game. He also […]

Big Ten Sends 3 to Sweet 16, but Dayton is the Story!

I still love this Headline. Stick it to those Buckeyes.


The Flyers are flying high after knocking off the third seeded Syracuse team. The Orange shot sub-40% and got out-hustled on the glass. Dayton kept the window open for Syracuse over and over down the stretch, but Syracuse just kept on failing to […]

Panthers are Gator Bait

The real Gators are still in hiding…


Florida had no problems booking the tournament’s first spot in the Sweet 16. Scott Wilbekin had a great game and appeared to be Florida’s only consistent threat. Despite easily advancing again, the Gators have to regroup a bit if they plan on making the Final Four, […]

Shaka is Smarting! and Some Other Notes

In an epic finish, SF Austin became the tournament’s third #12 seed to sneak into the Round of 32. With a 4 point lead and under 10 seconds, VCU managed to foul a three point shooter, which in-turn forced overtime. The 12th seeded Lumberjacks continued their pesky ways in the extra session and came up […]

Mercer, Mercer, Me!

No Billion Dollar Babies Here

Nobody got through the first round perfect, but there were 6 who managed to get 15 of 16!

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