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Nice Way to Start!

The next best thing to a Michigan victory is an Ohio State loss . . .

We Have A Winner!

No, not in the tournament silly. They haven’t even finished a game.

The winner I am speaking about is Amazon Promise – the winner of this year’s’s charity donation. Since we got 463 brackets* (an new record) the donation will be at least $115.75

Welcome to those who are new to the pool; […]

Rock & (Finger) Roll

You Should Never, Never Doubt What Nobody Is Sure About

Was MH370 Lost In The Izzone ?

Revenge Of The Nerd


Remember the statistician Nate Silver who nailed the 2012 Presidential election, right down to the last electoral vote? Well he’s examined this year’s brackets, crunched the numbers and came up with a forecast.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take his forecast and enter them in a bracket? What I great idea! […]

Lucky Charms

Dropped The Dropbox Ball

Sorry – I thought I had my pool file in my dropbox folder . . . but I don’t. So I can’t update any of your entries until I get back home. Which, considering I have a funeral home and St. Patty’s day to attend to, will be late tonight.

I am getting your brackets […]

Saving Paper

Keep Calm We’re Almost There