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It is with a heavy heart that I am informing you that I will not be hosting a NCAA pool this year.

I’d love to blame my decision on the pool being a major “time suck” – and it is – but that would not be entirely accurate. Quite honestly, my heart is just not […]

What A Dicko!

All the money has been collected and the check’s have been cut. This years winners are

1st place: Mr. Dicko – $1589.80 2nd Place: Suzie Kirkland – $529.93 Charity: Amazon Promise – $154.20

Thanks to everyone for playing and paying – I think this was the first time in a long time that […]


Whatsamatta, Did You Fuhgeddaboudit ?

POW – Right In The Kisser!

Fair & Balanced

Michigan State & Michigan Lose !!

We pride ourselves on breaking news here @ Sorry I haven’t updated you all sooner – been busy!

Since Sparty & Blue’s demise wiped out over half the brackets, most of you have lost interest as well.

Most. Not all. The following can still win it all:

Smokey2 […]

Who The Heck Is George Mean & Why Didn’t He Put A Bracket In?

I received this infographic from longtime pool member and resident statistician Damian Doerfer before the tournament started.










I know what you are thinking – “Joe, you had this information before the tournament started and you waited until the Elite Eight to share it […]

Different Strokes


If you are new to the pool this year – welcome. If you are a veteran – welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the first two rounds of the tournament. What’s that? They’ve actually completed 3 rounds so far? No, sorry, I don’t consider the play-in games to be […]

Mercer, Mercer, Me!

No Billion Dollar Babies Here

Nobody got through the first round perfect, but there were 6 who managed to get 15 of 16!

Mark Jacek Allen.Kennedy2 Kyle.Bell2 d.ronzi4 ryan.welser.2 John Hahka 5